You can use the scheduler to select presentations/ talks of your interest and view it at one place Scheduled talks list. You can select talks either by ATM schedule (Click here) or search by title/author/affiliation etc. (Click here).

Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding.

Instructions for using scheduler:

  1. Scheduler (by ATM schedule)
    1. It is divided into sessions for each day.
    2. Each session is divided into topics.
    3. Clicking on topics displays all the talks under that topic, ordered by time.
    4. You can select one or more talks by checking the checkbox against each talk.
    5. Your customised list of talks can be viewed on scheduled talks list.
  2. Scheduler (search and schedule)
    1. It displays all the talks in datatables representation.
    2. Check the checkbox against each talk you wish to attend.
    3. You can search individula columns by writing your seach criteria or from select list given below each column.
    4. You can change the display by selecting column visibility and can toggle individual columns.
    5. All the rows can be exported in different formats by clicking on the buttons like excel, csv, pdf, print.
    6. Your customised list of talks can be viewed on scheduled talks list.
  3. Scheduled talks list
    1. It displays list of all the customised talks Day, Session and Talk wise.
    2. You can further remove the scheduled talks using remove button.
    3. Take a printout or save as pdf by clicking the button "Print Scheduled Talks"
  4. You can use both the scheduler interchangeably as selected talks in either of them will reflect in each other.
  5. If the scheduler asks for login then go to main site, login with your credentials and access this page.
  6. If you are logged in and it still asks to login then logout once and login again.